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Digital Art & Fashion Exhibition Auction

Eyes for Fashion, in partnership with MakersPlace and The MEWS from Monaco, has created a unique auction of digital art & fashion which includes a real jewelry piece called "Eyes Love Paris" to support the Monaco AVC Stroke Charity.

The earrings, designed by EdaLou Paris, are made of 18K recyclable and traceable gold and lab-grown diamonds by Courbet, Place Vendome Paris. They also come with digital unlockable details in the form of an NFT, allowing you to dress yourself in video calls or your avatar.

The auction proceeds will benefit Monaco AVC, which provides stroke information, prevention, rehabilitation, and facilitates exchange among health authorities, doctors, patients, and families. Join the auction to make a difference.

Also part of the auction is the Eye Love Miami art piece by Talia Zoref. Other artists include Mizz D & Pol Kurucz.

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