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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

FASHION WEEK UPDATE As you all know, Talia was asked to participate in a show at The Kornit Tel Aviv Fashion Week! It was the BANANHOT show And they just wrapped up! It's been hard keeping this one a secret but they wanted to reveal it all on the runway! And what a REVEAL it was! @Taliazoref crushed it! BANANHOT is a swimwear line that’s all about a confident, natural, sun-kissed lifestyle. They are HUGE in Israel and ship globally. Their suits can be purchased on their site but also on Revolve, the next-generation fashion retailer for Millennial and Generation Z consumers. Talia played a BIG part of the show! Created some custom eyes that were made into the backdrop for the show Designed a few custom suits that were modeled on the runway Walked the runway with the founders (well known models @neta_alchimister & @Noabeny on Instagram) This was an AMAZING opportunity to get Eyes of Fashion in front of the fashion community and showcase how the brand can live IRL for collaborations! More to come here but we're excited to see where it will lead The Fashion Show recap featuring the eyes and Talia was even shown on the Israeli celebrity TV station (think ENews style here in the US)! Be sure to check out Talia's Instagram stories to see even more footage from the show! Photography credit: Avi Vladman

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